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Trailer with Caterpillar Heavy Transformer

Date 2016-10-18 19:35

trailer-with-caterpillar-heavy-transformer-1 trailer-with-caterpillar-heavy-transformer-2 trailer-with-caterpillar-heavy-transformer-3

– Standalone trailer Caterpillar Trafo (weight: 70000.0)
– Spelled out in the company
– Healthy for ATS

Tested on versions 1.4.h –

Authors: Fred_be, the skin of the Outlaw


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10 Responses to Trailer with Caterpillar Heavy Transformer

  1. I love this trailer, although I think that the Colors on the Transformer could be a lot more Realistic, like have the colors not as bright with maybe some Minor Details.

  2. RCT RCT

    this is just a reskined version of the seimens trailer

  3. Mahad110

    Does Fred_be allow you to use his mod ?

    Also just reskin of Siemens_Trafo.

    • outlaw

      if you think you can do better do it or are you just a person that down load’s mod to talk #### and that trailer was never to be down loaded to this site it was private for friends

  4. Ats Gamer

    Not working in v1.4.2.2..

  5. Ats Gamer

    Why not working for me? I have Ats v1.4.2.2…I can´t see the trailer in job list…Help!

  6. Алексей работает без проблем

  7. rustin aila


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