Longer Trains


This is the rail yard near Fresno, the vanilla train is on engine, two of the grain (?) cars and four tank cars.

First Release

I’ve got a first release together. Currently the mod only modifies some of the trains. I wanted to get it out there so people could use it even though it’s not 100% done yet. I want to do this for two reasons, I’ve that in some areas you might see a train stop and then poof out of existence if you stop and watch it. This is due to where the animation ends, and I don’t know how to change that at the moment. I don’t this is a big issue, unless it happens at a crossing, which brings me to reason two.

I would also like people to point out where crossing are, I haven’t found them all yet, and that’s the big area to check to make sure the trains are working correctly, and for me to see which ones are spawning.

Tested 1.0.0

Author: mambroz


13 thoughts on “Longer Trains

  1. Thank!!!

  2. there’s a railroad crossing just east of Ely

  3. Hey mambroz if you ever come back and read the comments contact me I do some modeling in Blender and know other people that can do high end models for train simulator and could possibly do models for ATS.

    Justin Hyland/Js Train Simulator Workshop
    Contact info: https://www.facebook.com/JsTrainSimWorkshop/ or my email: [email protected]

  4. Two problems: trains go straight over the highway sometimes and this http://i.imgur.com/SHjgkno.jpg

    1. Huh, haven’t seen that yet

  5. This is a ###### mod .. train appears anywhere … even when there is no track

  6. Schade, Zug fährt in der Luft oder manchmal auch da wo überhaubt keine Gleise sind

  7. looks great overall, but as mentioned, sometimes the trains appears in wrong places, got one straight in the face insta-pop and scared me really good the first time :)

    and some times there is a space between the cargotrailers and train….empty space, but they are moving together.

  8. Dennis Austin

    I dunno if some one told you but passing a fuel station near Fresno, there has to be at least 20 or 30 tank cars flying across the screen in mid air no rails or engines.
    I did it twice in case it was a glitch and each time in the same place it kept happening.
    its the longer trains mod.

  9. At certain crossings when the train is crossing on the far track it will jump the track and cross the road on the other track
    I have not found all of the crossings yet but it does happen.

  10. On a delivery to Tesla in Las Vegas a extremely log train is crossing the highway at a angle, its real train cause I thought it was a glitch and tried to go through it I crashed into it and was put over the guardrail!

    1. A second part to my post.
      the Tesla in Las Vegas run, the train is half in the ground and there are no trscks or signals or lights and crossing barriers.

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