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Increased rewards for deliveries

Date 2016-02-07 22:02


This mod increases the amount of XP and money you get for deliveries. You can choose between a 2x or a 4x increase. Money and XP has been separated for customizability. I prefer 4x money and 2x XP. Place the .scs files you want in your mod directory.

XP for each kind of delivery, freeroam and parking bonus has been increased.

The XP file modifies “economy_data.sii”, and is therefore incompatible with, for example currency changers, or any other mods that change this file. You will have to merge the mods yourself if you use a mod that changes this file (which is not very hard to do).

The money increase will not work on new cargo types from mods, as the base value for each cargo has to be increased separately.


DOWNLOAD 27 KB [sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 27 KB [mediafire]

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