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Loader CAT AI Traffic

Date 2016-12-09 17:20

cat-02 cat-01

Compatible with patches ATS 1.5.x
This mod adds of the loader CAT Mutt-938g into ai-traffic.
Maximum speed of 48 km/h or 30 miles/h.
The loader is present in all the ai-traffic state ATS.
Installation: copy the file format .scs in mod folder and connect to gaming profiles, with higher priority than the maps and other traffic modes.

AlexGold – basic modes, adaptation – bobr40


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  1. hellnut (ger)

    Thank you very much for that Mod!!! It works great on 1.5beta; i set the frequency to 0.10 because it appears to often imho. Very funny that there is no driver sitting in the vehicle, it makes me laugh while overtaking on the interstate 8-). I used the Mod in combination with all Jazzycat mods. They work togehter without any problems.

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