DP’s Realistic Traffic 0.2.6


Version: 0.2.6

This mod not only increases the density of the traffic but also changes its behaviour to create a busier and more fluid experience.

– Increased traffic in general, which creates a more realistic feel
– Traffic has less patience and safety for itself, merging into traffic a lot faster
– Queues that do build up are quicker to filter away
– Police spawning now varies depending on which state you are in

Changes from 0.2.5
– Support for 1.5.x
– More traffic on local roads

Tested on version 1.5.x

SCS, Dumbfounded Polymath


4 thoughts on “DP’s Realistic Traffic 0.2.6

  1. Way too much..sit at intersection for half an hour and traffic never slowed enough for AI to cross..disabled this mod and the world is now normal again, nice try, AI not up to the task for this mod to work well.

  2. I notice the AI cars like to pass you on a two lane road sometimes and merge right into your truck or trailer and we get a damaged penalty? Anyways that can be fixed? Other than that love the mod!

  3. Dumbfounded Polymath

    Keep an eye for the next update, it contains improvements to that

    1. 10-4!

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