7 thoughts on “Livestock Trailer Pinga 1.32

  1. Dr Richard Heade

    I can’t find this trailer after activating it in my game? I have purchased the grain trailer OK, but, I can’t even find this one, is it a standalone, or, can we buy it?

  2. Me too, could be you can’t run this one and the Pinga dump trailer at the same time, one or the other cause my trailer browser shows the dump trailer with invisible walls, but not in sim and I can’t find the livestock trailer anywhere…….gonna test my theory in ah sec……

  3. hi is not work at all please fix this mod, is great thanks

  4. It’s got errors or conflicting…no matter what I did it still won’t show up anywhere……the dump one has errors too….deleted em both

  5. The livestock trailer is in traffic but that’s the only place I see it in the sim!

  6. 00:19:01.986 : [unit] The unit ‘trailer_def.woodpowder’ in file ‘/def/cargo/wood_powder/model_woodpowder.sii’ has type ‘trailer_def’, but the code expected ‘cargo_model_match’ type.
    00:19:01.986 : load_unit_tree() – Failed to load unit tree from file (/def/cargo/wood_powder/model_woodpowder.sii)
    00:19:01.986 : Failed to load cargo model matching descriptor: /def/cargo/wood_powder/model_woodpowder.sii

    1. NVM put it on the wrong trailer

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