Big Heavy Pack v 3.8

Adapted 1.32
New loads added
Cargo names edited
Roadhunter package full compatibility
Faymonville re-arranged
This mod adding 460 cargo

D_tec 40 ft 5 Axe
D_tec 40 ft 5 Axe
D_tec 20 ft 3 Axe
Faymonville 10 Axe
Faymonville 8 Axe
Faymonville 7 Axe
Faymonville 10 Axe New
Fontaine 4 Axe New
Goldhofer 10 Axe
Goldhofer 8 Axe
Goldhofer 3 Axe
Goldhofer 10 Axe New Train
Kassbohrer 4 Axe
Kassbohrer 5 Axe
Kassbohrer 6 Axe
Kögel Panel 3 Axe
Kögel Flatbed 3 Axe
Kögel Sal 3 Axe
Lowboy 4 Axe
Meiller Kipper 3 Axe
Military Lowbed 3 Axe
Öztreyler old & new 3 Axe
Schmitz cococola 3 Axe
Truck Trans Doly 3 Axe New
Tub Grinder 3 axe New

Bonus ETS2 Heavy pack

ATS 1.32+ DLc Mexico+Dlc oregon

Advanced coupling
Steerable Wheels
Liftable Axe
The trailer is standalone
The trailer not owned
The trailer not in traffic(Game Ai system does not accept high pmg)
Compatible with all trailer packs
Have to sleep 1 in-game days to refresh the joblist with the standard trailers.

Enjoy the mod!



6 thoughts on “Big Heavy Pack v 3.8

  1. Don’t download. WHY?

    1. A lot of errors in the log. Also some of the trailers causes crasth to desktop.

    2. It has a lot of old stolen trailer.

    3. It has a lot of low-poly bad quality unnecessary trailers.

    4. It has old cargo system and it’s impossible to find a trailer you like.

    5. It overwrittens a lot of vanilla content so it will broke your other mods.

    6. It will slows down your game and cause major fps drops because there are files from 2014. The game engine changed and this mod gonna kill fps.


    1. Exactly! This mod has never been cleaned since 2017! In addition, it is mostly an average compilation, even unrealistic for some trailers!

  2. Can’t clean old stolen mods , when the game trailer data has gone through major file changes in the 1.32 update.

  3. Stephen Butler

    I’m not 100% certain, but I think that if you are using, let’s say, the C2C mod and/or CanaDream and either of the Mexico maps, installing this Heavy Trailers map…now, bear with me, this is a bit complicated…let’s say you are in the vanilla map (any of the states offered by SCS), the loads you get only go to a destination within that map, say LA to Portland; never outside it. If, for example, you are in New York, then you will only get offered loads to a destination outside the vanilla map, like Vancouver or somewhere. This happens despite the fact you can see the full map at all times. Also, I have this issue now where ALL the loads are 19 tons. I’m as sure as I can be that they are caused by this Heavy Pack mod.

  4. kinda #### …over writes the vanilla loads …big loads are all you get

  5. I appreciate any attempt to upgrade a mod but it should really be for the version so that there are no errors or warnings in gamelog.txt

    Another big problem of this mod is that many trailers does not have a good identification limiting itself to being container 01, container 02 … boring. Besides, mainly, the weights are unreal and careless to the point of seeing several different trailers with unreal weights, above the normal and worst, equals: 70,075 – 70,075 again 70,075 …did just a control c and control v. A pitty

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