Large Metal Tube Trailer White Version

Large-Metal-Tube-Trailer-White-3 Large-Metal-Tube-Trailer-White-2 Large-Metal-Tube-Trailer-White-1

– Tested and
– Standalone
– Compatible with all trailer packs
– Also Compatible with the Red version of this Trailer

* Do not re-upload and keep original download link *

– MDModding
– Zetor165Maxterra Convert ATS


4 thoughts on “Large Metal Tube Trailer White Version

  1. I want to thank you for the change of color of the tube. This is more close to real items being hauled all over the USA. These tubes for the wind farm units are frequently seen around Texas.

    1. Now if only it we’re on an American trailer

  2. Asphroxia

    For some reason with this mod installed most of my other cargos turn invisable in my job list, not sure whats the conflict

  3. Same problem for me, It doesn’t show in my game. How do you get a standalone to work?

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