Flatbed Pack For Ats v1


This mod adding Flatbed Trailers 20 cargo

Tested version 1.2
The trailer is standalone
The trailer not in traffic
Compatible with all trailer packs

* Respect the download link *




10 thoughts on “Flatbed Pack For Ats v1

  1. Cool pack but is there anyway we can make the trailers look less euro?

    1. whats your suggestion Truckguy? how would you make them look more american?

      1. New Fenders, Different tail lights, lose the side rail, REAL mudflaps……

      2. This is just something that has bugged me with the trailer packs….they seem to keep euro rear ends with euro road symbols and bumpers. I know it is nit picking but just something you don’t see in the USA. I really appreciate what the modders do and just giving my 2 cents.

        1. well i agree with you the rear end is still pretty much euro as the trailer manufactures have euro ie from Holland etc …the cargo itself is excellent in this mod and the modder has made the effort and changed the licence plates to US but although a great mod which works well its let down slightly because of the rear end

          1. Oh yea the cargo is A+ and has been a joy to haul.

  2. fattruckerbob

    dose it gotta say ken worth on dam trailer to kinda ruins the game if your in different truck like a peterbilt

  3. nice mod

  4. bigtall10

    The flat bed trailer clips through my W900 5th wheel and rear wheels. And when you try to pick it up at a location that is not flat ground, like a construction site, chances are you will not be able to hook the trailer because it is lower than the rear of the truck. :(
    Had to remove because of this. Otherwise, good trailer pack.

  5. Check out of the commercial trucks mod at CarDaddy.com

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