Kurkusowy & Familia Map v 1.1


Mod adds constitute highway US101 and additional cities.

For proper operation is required mod “US50 & CA99 extension”.

Mod adds:
– ROAD US101
– ROAD US96 !!!NEW!!!
– Crescent City
– Weed City
– Overton City.
– Rachel village.
– Weaverville City. !!!NEW!!!

Tested on version 1.2.x

Author: Kurkus


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9 thoughts on “Kurkusowy & Familia Map v 1.1

  1. Prometheus

    Apparently good – but it is incompatible with Mexuscan. Minimal thing, a simple patch would solve the mismatch that occurs in Hornbrook on I-5 where the connection breaks, short stretch. If my map editor were not in trouble try to make this patch to connect them

  2. Joshua Peterson

    I tested the map out and Weaverville is broken and causes the game to crash. Please fix this, thank you.

  3. amigo o mod em uso faz com que o jogo trave, corrija isso para que possa trabalhar perfeitamente na 1.2.1

  4. Joshua Peterson

    Btw new Arizona DLC features a city in California called Ukiah. The city is between Eureka and San Rafael so merging your map with SCS’ Arizona DLC would be a good idea. Btw Crescent City and Chico have the same city map layout. It be nice if Crescent City had it’s own city map.

  5. BTW US-97 goes through Weed.

  6. When I put it in higher prio than US99, the custom Reno intersection is totally broken
    When I put it, lower, I fall through the floor near Stanton.
    Quality piece of ####

  7. it appears I-5 into Oregon is still broken as of June 1st–I was also
    running US 50 & CA 99 with Beta 1.3 on Steam

    1. by disabling this mod I was able to get I-5 to show back up .
      so looks like this mod is incompatible with Mexuscan 1.8.1

  8. kenworthdriver

    Have you update this map to 1.3 version?

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