Klaas’ Economy Mod v 1.0.1 (steam release)

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All right reserved to Klaas . Please do not repost this mod.
Experimental mod. Please backup your profile or use a new profile.

This mod changes the standard entire game economy making it a lot harder similar to real life.
I made this mod for those who like to work hard for their business and always whished that game to be more realistic.
You will have to make Quickjobs until level 10 or until 100 jobs, because in real life you need to have some experience before creating your own business. At that moment you will unlock your first loan which will allow you to buy your own truck.
After buying your own truck you will encounter new problems, because you will have to pay your own fuel, to repair your truck, paying bank loans and still making profit. I’l recommend you to use manual shifting because you will have a better mpg. Driving safe will maintain your insurance at the minimum values which will save you from bankruptcy since repairing a truck cost a fortune.

At the beginning you will earn about 0.60$/mile (it will increase after you level up and increase your skills)

– sleeping time has been changed, and now it has a real value.

More informations within in-game Mod Description

Author: Klaas


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