Best Start Save Game (with money and skills)


This is a starter savegame for ATS beginners (and not). Perfect if you want to play ATS with already a lot of money and all the skills.

– Level 1 [All skill points are maxed]

– 1,000,000,000€ Cash [To buy all the trucks you want]

– Tested with ATS last version [should work for all versions]

– How to Install:
Just extract the ZIP-file and copy the folder inside to “My Documents/American Truck Simulator/profiles”.

Author: Assenzio


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4 thoughts on “Best Start Save Game (with money and skills)

  1. more ####

  2. swiftrans

    this is bullshit m8 you didnt even discovered the map at all you went to one company then the other then thats it i

    1. to be fair and not defending the dude, but he never actually says that he unlocked the map, just says skills and money.

  3. this mod is for losers..and lazy people

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