Klaas’ Economy Mod v 0.9.0 Beta Release

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All right reserved to Klaas . Please do not report this mod.
Contact: [email protected]
Experimental mod, please save your profile or use a new profile.
Use contact adress for bugs or any suggestions.
I attached 2 pictures, one with Freightmarket, and one with Quickjobs.
At the beginning you may encounter jobs with ~0.40$/mile .
In the 3rd picture you can see bank loans. Ignore active loans as it was done with the default settings.
– You will get your first loan after completing 15 jobs
– You will receive a company invitation after completing 20 jobs
– Your bank loan will raise at level 10 to maximum 150.000 $
– Your bank loan will raise at level 25 to maximum 500.000 $
– Your bank loan will raise at level 35 to maximum 1.000.000 $
– Your bank loan will raise at level 50 to maximum 1.500.000 $
– Bank loans have been changed:
+ 50.000 $ payed in 32 weeks
+ 100.000 $ payed in 36 weeks
+ 500.000 $ payed in 48 weeks
+ 1.000.000 $ payed in 72 weeks
– Online truck market will be available after owning 10 trucks
– Garage fuel discount is now 30%
– Garage prices have been changed to 100.000 $ for a small garage, and 70.000 $ for garage upgrade.
– Garage productivity have been changed to 10.000 / 30.000 / 50.000 $
– Sleeping time has been reduced to 480 minutes
– No cargo probability reduced to 5%
– Minimum cargo validity raised to 6hours
– Maximum cargo validity raised to 40hours
– Driver hire cost reduced to 400 $
– Free driver level cap set to level 10
– Driver quit time set to 7 days, warn at 5 days
– No cargo probability for drivers reduced to 5%
– Free xp reduced to 20xp/100miles
– XP bonus for a perfect delivery set to 10%
– XP bonus for ADR delivery set to 8%
– XP bonus for important jobs set to 10%
– XP bonus for urgent jobs set to 15%
– XP bonus for fragile jobs set to 12%
– XP bonus for long distance jobs set to 5%
– XP bonus for valuable jobs set to 12%
– XP bonus for parking set to 10 / 25 / 50 (EASY/MEDIUM/HARD)
– XP penalty for damaged cargo set to -3XP or -2% for 1% damage
– XP tabel has been changed and now requires more experience to level up
– All fines have been reduced 10 times

Author: Klaas


7 thoughts on “Klaas’ Economy Mod v 0.9.0 Beta Release

  1. Nethervid

    Sorry for the ###### question, but how to install this mod?

    1. Deputydawg

      Just copy the downloaded file to c:\my documents\american truck simulator\mod

  2. Do you just drop the file in, or does it need unzipping first?

    1. You can either put the zip archive in the mod folder, or unzip it into a different folder.
      Mods can be in .zip/.scs format or into a folder.
      Thanks for using my mod, and hope you will enjoy it,

  3. Economy not working for me. I am using 351 truck mod and 2 standalone trailers. Will remove my standalone trailer mods and report back if it didn’t fix.

  4. I messed up earlier. I put your mod in to scs format but I archived your folder instead or archiving the files! Doh!

  5. sorry
    aber ich hab das gleiche Problem
    es ist eine zip- Datei und keine scs- Datei

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