USA Realistic Miles, Km, Time and Beter XP Tweak (Fixed economy)


This mod changes the scale of the vanilla map (1/34) to (1/3)
That means the Miles or Km are lot more realistic (Like the hungary map for ETS2) and the time of day and night are lot longer for more immersive feeling. The economy mod gives you beter XP and realistic loads loan (300-2000xp for parking)

Installation is in de mod (Readme)

Happy trucking.

Author: Rob Viguurs


8 thoughts on “USA Realistic Miles, Km, Time and Beter XP Tweak (Fixed economy)

  1. Okay, so I got the first part working, how does the economy part work? all I got is a economy_data.sii file and I don’t even know what to do with it. Does it go in the main folder or do I have to change it to a .scs file? Thank you in advance.

  2. you have just slowed time down, the map scale is still the same to be clear, right?

  3. I delivered the same load (quick job) at exactly the same time and the time of day was the same as well. The distance i traveled was the same as well. I really don’t understand what this mod does but it didn’t do anything at all for me. Also your economy mod makes the game economy even more ridiculous that it already is.

  4. lengsfeld

    mod geht einwandfrei die scs in den mod Ordner untere Priotät data in den hauptordner von ats einfügen

    1. erdbeercreme

      eine Frage bitte welches ist der Hauptordner bei ATS.
      über eine baldige Antwort würde ich mich freuen

  5. After one job the economy mod broke. Now I can only take jobs in a single city (i.e. Las Vegas -> Las Vegas)

  6. chingon

  7. Esta chingon

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