Kenworth W900L Big Bob V3.8 [1.45]

Updated version of Big Bob’s W900L

New in 3.8:
– Fixed dashboard for ATS 1.44/1.45
– New (automated) 2022 Eaton Endurant XD Pro 18/6 Transmission coming with different gear ratios
– Some build-in parts animations updated, some parts reworked, did some stuff from here to there.
– Added custom engines (MX13-510, C18-800, C16-690SP classic, C16-690 custom, ISX-15 685 custom)
– Speed limited to 70 mph instead of 65 mph (that’s more realistic).
– Mirror view improved, better field of view, realistic view at night.
– All engine and transmissions specs are real life, but partly adapted to game needs. Some older sound banks were remastered slightly because of FMOD needs. Tried to create some cool engine sounds, which increase the fun factor in game in best case.
It is still strongly recommended to install latest SISL’s MEGA Pack for best experience!
Otherwise mod may have issues or may crash on startup!
Load order: 1. MEGA Pack 2. Big Bob Mod

kenworth_john, others (see mod description for details)


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