Kenworth W900B Long v 1.0 (1.5)

kenworth-w900b-long-1 kenworth-w900b-long-2 kenworth-w900b-long-3

here are templates for channel 2 and 3
Enabling TV dashboard computer switching.
Do not forget to to put him in the workshop, otherwise it will only sound.
For convenience, the right hood mirror works as a rear camera, but only on double mirrors.
Enjoy skiing.
Compatible with OpenGL. Additional mods on accessories cab and rear camera real

Authors in Haulin:
pete379jps, Cerritos.
Authors in ETS2:
Convert, animation and definition in ETS2 – dmitry68 and Stas556
Sound: Kriechbaum (many thanks for your work!)
Air from the maxx2504

Start/rework in the ATS: dmitry68 Sound: Kriechbaum ATS version 1.5. * Complete adaptation, release.


11 thoughts on “Kenworth W900B Long v 1.0 (1.5)


    Does it support advanced coupling and steering wheel tuning?

  2. Good job. ;)

  3. Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  4. Finally a good template but it does have small issue. When using the text on the doors it have to be put on backwards for it to show normal in game. Is something misplaced when mapping and can it be fixed. Nice work

  5. could you put that interior in the scs w900l pretty sure it will be a popular mod

  6. please+fix+right+mirror

  7. can+you+please+put+the+truck+scs+also+please

  8. video with commentary:

    enjoy! :D

    grtz, simstuff

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