Kenworth T660 Amv.Thomas


Kenworth T660 3d model bought off turbo squid by amvthomas and put into game for v1.1.1.1 Updated to 1.5.x.x by Josh Farley. Found in the Kenworth dealer.

Josh Farley, Amv.Thomas


4 thoughts on “Kenworth T660 Amv.Thomas

  1. Gilad Shurkin

    did you know that this mod of yours messed my game up?

  2. it+keeps+crashing+for+me.+I+have+1.50

  3. Its not the Mods Fault if it messed up your game its a risk you take of your own for downloading the mod and putting it in your game so its your own Fault that is why they say in the read me instill at your own risk not responsible for game crash or problems it cusses your game if i was u better look next time Gilad Shurkin

  4. please make that for ETS2 and 2.4s!

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