Kenworth W900B Long (1.3)

kenworth-w900b-long-1 kenworth-w900b-long-3 kenworth-w900b-long-2

Added in quck job
Prescribe striding camera
1 cabin
1 Chassis
His salon
His sound

Update for 1.3
Minor changes / additions, such as:
Updated some icons on accessories
The accessories added emergency lights on the roof
Added some color in coloring books, paint added.
Some modifications in quck jobs.
Removed some unused files

Authors: Stas556, Dmitry68, Kirchenbaum, vovangt4, Update: blacksitearea


19 thoughts on “Kenworth W900B Long (1.3)

  1. Is it possible to update this truck with the current SCS W900 dash board?

    1. No, bc this model and year truck doesn’t have the modern w900 dashboard. How could you not love this interior? This has to be the best w900 modded interior.

      1. Yeah i wish we could get that interior with color changing options on scs w900.

  2. works not with 1.4, all other mods disabled

  3. Old mod. Козел!!!

  4. Sorry but why would you make/post a mod for an old version of the game? Just asking because steam auto updates your game etc.

  5. All major map mods for ATS have updated to 1.4. You should do the same.

  6. ThatOneGuy

    can you please put it on steam workshop, I would love that!

  7. Why would you want a mod like this? It must be a nightmare to try and pick up and deliver loads.

  8. Chill guys…..Nobody knew when SCS was gonna release 1.4. The modder just happen to release on the same day as 1.4. Give them time to update it and stop jumping down their throats.

    1. Seriously Truckguy!! This was mod was uploaded on Saturday the 10th and ATS 1.4 was put out around the 8th if not before that.

      1. Peter Royce Clayton III

        Seriously TuberculosisCalvin!! It may have been UPLOADED on Saturday, but I would think that whoever was working on the project began that BEFORE Saturday and since betas often F-up, many prefer to play it safe and wait until All the bugs are fixed. And often, even after the beta stage, bugs are still found. Sometimes people prefer to stay stable rather than run into the “next best screwup”. In other words, some people other than yourself may benefit from this truck staying at 1.3. The world doesn’t always revolve around you boy.

        1. Sorry I don’t have time for you ###-Wipes. Moving on.

          1. Peter Royce Clayton III

            Because you still haven’t realized you F-ed up and playing with broken mods because you just had to have the latest update. Those who are patient and wait a week after an update for modders to catch up have no worries. So keep being your regular F-ed up self, I notice from your other thoughtless posts that should be easy for you!

  9. my game keep crashing with this mod the verson 1.3xx

  10. Wim Frencken

    This mod assh must be crucified , right now

  11. Christopher

    Funciona para el 1.4??

  12. Christopher

    Funciona para la version 1.4?

  13. Is it possible to update this truck with the current SCS W900 dash board?

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