Kenworth W900 L Remix ATS1.4 approved

kenworth-w900-l-2 kenworth-w900-l-1 kenworth-w900-l-3

Its done finally thanks to Stas556, Dmitry68, Kirchenbaum, everything thing as it should but due to the number of email we had to add our flavor back on we add a few thing put mostly same as before and this is ATS 1.4 approved and working

Authors: Stas556, Dmitry68, Kirchenbaum, vovangt4, Update: 508Studio Remix

DOWNLOAD 385 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 385 MB [Uploadfiles]

16 thoughts on “Kenworth W900 L Remix ATS1.4 approved

  1. Is+there+a+template+for+this+truck+please+?

  2. Don’t use this studio 580 guys trucks. They’re stealing mods from original authors and put only simple thing and then tey call it “remix”.

    If you want to see better mods, support real authors, don’t support thieves like them.

  3. ### studio 580 pathetics again.

    Don’t download that mod and other works of 580 studio.

    They steal the mods and reupload them. They’re not working.

    Respect authors, use your brain mod-users if you have one.

  4. U guys from 508Studio ‘r much younger . right ?
    good job,looks nice
    Somethinks sucks…. BC crash the game because without Function.
    1500 …3000 HP ….just kidding and u know it :)

    Nice Team and great works.

  5. Stephen Butler

    This truck is a vast improvement over the previous W900 Long Frame, which has been circulating for years on ETS2 and now on ATS. There are more options to play with, although still not enough – not many light options for the front and back of the cab, not enough roof lights, mirror/tank paint options, that sort of thing. And, a default 3500Hp default engine is simply ridiculous. The first thing I did was to give it a 1500Hp engine because there was nothing else above 550Hp! Please, we need a 600/750/800/1020Hp option, at least. When I started driving this truck, there was no sound whatsoever – no engine, internal switches or anything like that. Nothing when driving third person either. What’s that all about? Anyway, a vast improvement which seems to have created additional bugs that the original did not have, so I’ll give it 3 out of 5. Cheers, Stephen.

  6. Maffe SWE

    No sound….
    The setup works fine and no problems to put on accesories but no sound from the engine. I tested all engines but stilll no sound…. Please fix this…

  7. this mod broke my downloads folder thanks u ###### I don’t whats wrong u owe me a new computer

    1. Hehe. Good one.

  8. works gr8 and its got the jakes sound ,let see the other 3 version pull it off ,well done nice job

  9. Peter Royce Clayton III

    Works well, and I have sound. My question is does anyone know of any templates for this truck? I googled and found zip, and yet there are skins for it for some ETS2 variants.

  10. Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  11. impossible atteler remorques avec ce mod . ne passe pas dessous . au secours .

  12. ScaniaFan

    Urm this is the same as this one…..same truck, same parts etc

  13. could U please mod this for ets2???

  14. 508Studio , could you pm me want to find out how you guys got a hood ornament on the w900, been trying with no success, on the w900 triaxle. thanks

  15. American Trucker

    IDC who made this mod or stole it but DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS!! This truck costs me an average of 150+k due to mods I use, and once I save and quit and restart later, the #### thing shows up N/A in garage and have to buy it all over. WASTE OF TIME AND SPACE ON HD!!

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