Kenworth W900 modified v 1.0

Kenworth-W900-1 Kenworth-W900-2 Kenworth-W900-3

First of all, changed the wheelbase is 306 inches, was 285 inches. The result was decreased, and the total length and the distance between the trailer and the truck, which favorably affected the maneuverability of the truck. Now it is easier to maneuver in tight bases.
Fixed the position of the front wheels, the front mudguards.
Also fixed the width of the brackets the rear fenders.
Changed the size of rear foot pegs and removed a tool kit.
The mods included a more realistic headlights and a little fixed physics.
As a bonus,added the ability to set the figurines on the hood.
The nature of the changes shown in the screenshots.

Authors: SCS, oq37


8 thoughts on “Kenworth W900 modified v 1.0

  1. You have an extension – zip. Correct on scs

    1. and you dont koment because you not know :D ZIP or SCs :D dude…ok?? not only SCS name..not.

      1. Ты сука можешь нормально писать? Пендоская школота ебаная!

  2. A Random Trucker

    On North American trucks, the wheelbase is measured from center of steer axle to the center of the drive axle spread. So, with a standard 64″ spread on the drives(what my truck has), it would be 32″ behind the front drive hub.

  3. Can you make it work on the ETS2?

  4. PwnsterMaster

    Do tuning/physics mods work with this?

  5. Susan Cooper

    Installed Aug 1… crashed ATS when I attempted to buy more trucks. Same issue 3x as I eliminated other new mods. Removed this and the truck choices loaded and I was able to buy trucks.

  6. Please Dude Make This Mod For Multiplayer *-* !!!!!! Please !!!!

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