Concept truck “Flight of fantasy” v1 in ATS [REL]


Update v1:
– Fixed minor bugs, added some suggestions, adaptation to version 1.3 *.
– For fans visyulek, added support for “Cabin Accessories” separate mod (Concept_truck_Cabin_Acc.scs in the archive).

For sale in the shop Kenworth
There are templates for the 2 and 3 channels.
Rear View Camera operates at switching on left mirror on F2 (second click). When the automatic transmission is switched on automatically when reverse gear,
with manual transmission is activated emergency gang.. The camera on the bumper is turned off in the ui / gps_concept.sii script name in the group: RightMirror
change coords_t: 90 on coords_t: 0.
There is a collision 5 wheels.
The two parts of the archive, do not forget to connect the two
Enjoy the trip.

Game version: only 1.3.x

Special thanks:Knox_xss

dmitry68, alexart247

25 thoughts on “Concept truck “Flight of fantasy” v1 in ATS [REL]

  1. Pretty interesting, let’s see it.

  2. Mateus Martins

    wow, that’s crazy :D

  3. Beentherize

    224 mB

  4. when downloading it, it says 224 megabytes… still might be a virus though, ill be careful

  5. Otodranik


    1. Rather similarity IMPRESSION.
      Stick your antivirus in the ###.

      1. Justadude

        What a nice guy. I think I’ll stay away from your mods from now on.

  6. I have no problem with this truck and my AV (Kaspersky) does not get a hit for any virus. I took this new version on a 2000 mile trip yesterday and I have to say, this is probably the best handling truck I’ve ran. I would check to see if your getting a false positive on the virus, I’m betting you are, the beta was clean also when I did a scan and I scan everything before I activate anything. The dash layout could be better but it’s fine when you get used to it. I like this truck and hope to see more Concept Truck varieties in the future.

  7. Deputydawg

    There are no viruses in this. Anyone claiming there is, is a just a moron. I’ve scanned with 360 total security (uses 2 of the best antivirus engines: bitdefender and avira), scanned with superantispyware, and malwarebytes and found nothing after renaming the included files to zip.

    1. milo_slayer

      well good to know :)

    2. Justadude

      I love how you call others morons just because they got different results, I really do, but Avast Premiere still found a win32 dropper in it on the first try. Shall I call you a moron now too? But I know, “AV I’m using is the best AV ever, the one you’re using is the worst #### ever”. Same old story every time.

      1. what makes you think your anti-virus is the best?

  8. Deputydawg

    Thank you, Uploader!

  9. What are the engine and gearbox options? no one give a #### about interior accessories! like fuzzy dice and what is on the passenger seat! if it cant pull a load its worthless!

  10. i dont know what happened to the download button.. i was expecting to have this mod very much. seems like you don’t like people saying Tesla-truck. but it is Tesla-truck, and i like it. i have Tesla and i love it. Tesla is one of my favorite car. and this truck is so futurist and i just love it, love the way it looks, the way it drove on 1.2x version. i would like to have this mod… can i have the download link please?

    1. eduard khil is da best

    ats in version 1.3 are caused by slow moving backward

  12. 1972 F250 Guy

    You are the concept truck guy so I thought I would pitch a concept truck idea.

    It would be neat to see something like a 1972 Ford F250 with hitch and gas tank in bed to haul trailers.

    I know this is un realistic but I think it would be fun driving in an old standard pickup truck or duly towing a big heavy semi trailer. Of course the F250 pickup truck would need the weight, hitch and power and stuff like a real tractor truck. I would make one myself but I dont have the time or know how so I thought I would pitch the idea here.

  13. camera arrière ne fonctionne pas pouvez vous m’aider svp

  14. i+instaled+it+and+it+crashed+my+game+please+help

  15. it keeps crashing my game any help

  16. _tehlikeli__portal


  17. bu nedir ya

  18. Hey Everyone I just now found this mod on my pc and still working with ATS 1.5 :)
    This is an amazing truck never saw similar like this before
    You need to take part 1 and part 2 too and it work totally good next to other trucks too

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