Kenworth T800 Update

Kenworth-T800-1 Kenworth-T800-2

– Standalone
– Dealer Kenworth
– Interior
– Tuning

* Fixed Chassis
* Include In Traffic
* Fixed Interior
* Fixed Dashbosrd

Tested 1.0.0 game version

Authors: dmitry68, Stels, oq37, Ventures, vitalik062

DOWNLOAD 58 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 58 MB [Uploadfiles]

22 thoughts on “Kenworth T800 Update

  1. Black chrome fixed?

  2. biffspurlock

    It has conflict with default truck for some odd reason.

    1. the reason why your having conflict with this update is because its the update itself and not truck mod so delete the update and just use the truck mod, I found out that its the update

  3. biffspurlock

    This truck is not compatible replacement truck please fix.

  4. Bl@ckWolf

    !!! Video American Truck Simulator Mod Kenworth T800 Update !!!

  5. Super cool mod but crashes on Mac, Hope to see this work ;)

    1. I am having the same issue on OX 10.11.3

      1. OS X*

  6. Crashes my game

    1. same for me idk y

  7. This is very good but
    It is strange, The game has the capability, But nobody does not use interior_reflection For interior steels
    Please use,mods need this

  8. Mod needs to be updated, since the 1.2 patch came out, it crashes when in the service shop is activated. Without the 1.2 patch, the mod works great

  9. every time i click accessory my game crashes

    1. So does mine. Does anyone know why or how to fix that issue?

      1. snyderracing

        mine 2 i took all my mods off and still does it wish some 1 wld make it in steam work shop

  10. Hi+can+someone+help+how+do+you+drop+the+lift+axe+on+the+truck+I+can’t+seem+to+figure+it+out.

  11. Hey dmitry68 or somebody!!!! Can Someone please update the kenworth t800???? some guy put out a mod of this and its not even the same. so please help us out…..

  12. same

  13. the update is the corrected version of the truck, so you delete the other truck before loading the updated version, if its still crashing it means the update use the template of a default truck mod file without authorization code so it will crash or freeze the game.

  14. muy bueno

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