Kenworth W900 Cabin Accessories

Kenworth-W900-Cabin-Accessories-1 Kenworth-W900-Cabin-Accessories-2 Kenworth-W900-Cabin-Accessories-3

– Advanced Trailer Coupling
– Removed unnecessary files

You need install:
SiSL’s Mega Pack v 2.3

(Note: The painting is defective, do not know how to fix, do not insist.)

Authors: SCS, Vladimir1203, Phantom94, Stels, Route 66


7 thoughts on “Kenworth W900 Cabin Accessories

  1. mod should be very good if you just add more pins to place accessories in, for example cup holders, floor between seats the current pins isn’t natural because toys looks like they`re just balancing at the edge of the dashboard :/ I’m looking forward for 1.1 version fixing painting bug( propably you just change some values which have something to texture scaling you just need to check this out) and contains features which I`ve written before

  2. Yes, All skins are not working, and it leaves small dents like all over the truck?? This is unfortunate. Does anyone know how to fix? As it stands this mod is not usable.

  3. Agreed with Paul, this mod needs to be fixed about the paints, otherwise it’s not a plus it’s a minus and then, unusable as it is …Pleaaaase fix it :-)

    1. I will add (I just noticed) We loose too many things like, the fluo lights under the truck, all the back lights, as well as the the 3rd Axle… This mod is really a big loss instead of a plus..Sorry !!

  4. I really liked the model download for my w900 but you could make one for you agradeciria t800 many

  5. please make an update to version

  6. Rockhampton

    Doesn’t work

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