8 thoughts on “Kenworth t680 Cabin Accessories

  1. Imperator3

    Please make it for Kenworth W900

    1. Problems with the skin of W900.

  2. vladislav

    kenworth w900 please!!!

  3. ”ATS CABIN ACCESSORES” doesn’t work. I changed the .zip file into a .scs file. I entered the game, but the dash and window slots wouldn’t load up. they were there to customize, but when u click on them they dont show up. Please help me with this!

    1. do u have the SiSL’s Mega Pack

      1. Im using the Sisls Mega pack. But, the ”ATS CABIN ACCESSORIES” is something that adds the default Dashboard sets and windshield sets. When I downloaded ”ATS CABIN ACCESSORIES” it came in a zip. with the manifest, mod picture, etc. I assumed i had to use 7zip to make it into a .scs file. And that’s what i did. The slots that it added did appear in customization, but they had a small sqaure as a picture. And, when i clicked on it, to add it to my truck. No slots appeared in the interior. The only slots I have/work fine are the ones added from sisl’s mega pack. I wish Route 66 gave us a detailed explanation on how to install ”ATS CABIN ACCESSORIES”. Considering the file is not in a typical .scs file.

  4. love+it+but+u+need+to+fix+that+because+i+can+drive+in+3rd+person+without+the+mods+poping+up+on+my+screen+and+when+im+in+1st+person+i+cant+look+out+my+mirrors+without+the+mods+on+my+mirrors


    1. No problem on my pc. Try this version, remove the old version. Should be problem with other mods.


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