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Kenworth t680 Cabin Accessories

Date 2016-08-06 09:10


Advanced Trailer Coupling

You need:
SiSL’s Mega Pack

Route 66


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8 Responses to Kenworth t680 Cabin Accessories

  1. Imperator3

    Please make it for Kenworth W900

  2. vladislav

    kenworth w900 please!!!

  3. Ways71

    ”ATS CABIN ACCESSORES” doesn’t work. I changed the .zip file into a .scs file. I entered the game, but the dash and window slots wouldn’t load up. they were there to customize, but when u click on them they dont show up. Please help me with this!

    • do u have the SiSL’s Mega Pack

      • Ways71

        Im using the Sisls Mega pack. But, the ”ATS CABIN ACCESSORIES” is something that adds the default Dashboard sets and windshield sets. When I downloaded ”ATS CABIN ACCESSORIES” it came in a zip. with the manifest, mod picture, etc. I assumed i had to use 7zip to make it into a .scs file. And that’s what i did. The slots that it added did appear in customization, but they had a small sqaure as a picture. And, when i clicked on it, to add it to my truck. No slots appeared in the interior. The only slots I have/work fine are the ones added from sisl’s mega pack. I wish Route 66 gave us a detailed explanation on how to install ”ATS CABIN ACCESSORIES”. Considering the file is not in a typical .scs file.

  4. love+it+but+u+need+to+fix+that+because+i+can+drive+in+3rd+person+without+the+mods+poping+up+on+my+screen+and+when+im+in+1st+person+i+cant+look+out+my+mirrors+without+the+mods+on+my+mirrors


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