Kenworth W900

Kenworth-W900-1 Kenworth-W900-2 Kenworth-W900-3

– Standalone
– Kenworth Dealer
– Interior
– Painting
– Metallic
– Skin
– Template

Tested 1.0.0 Game Version

Authors: by grossdodo, vovangt4, slava1, upadate – vitalik062

DOWNLOAD 75 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 75 MB [Uploadfiles]

21 thoughts on “Kenworth W900

  1. christophe

    superbe bravo merci

  2. I wanna skin this truck on it:
    Hopefully you can add some more tuning parts but this is already awesome.

  3. Why carnt i find it in the kenworth dealer?

  4. i cant find it in the kenworth dealership?

  5. Great job! Apreciate that. Exhaust brake has no sound for me… :(

  6. oddfellow´s or new kriechbaum sound would suit a lot better to this truck, this old kriechbaum sound is no longer real

  7. Geting a ####### CTD with this gamelog.txt msg:

    00:00:23.392 : [unit] File ‘/ui/dashboard/kenworth_t680.sii’:
    00:00:23.392 : [unit] The unit ’06d042b3d’ of type ‘ui::text_common’ has dangling pointer (to ‘txt.kenworth.test_wrn’) in the attribute named ‘look_template’.
    00:00:23.392 : [unit] File ‘/ui/dashboard/kenworth_t680.sii’:
    00:00:23.392 : [unit] The unit ’06d042b3e’ of type ‘ui::text_common’ has dangling pointer (to ‘txt.kenworth.test_wrn’) in the attribute named ‘look_template’.
    00:00:23.392 : [unit] File ‘/ui/dashboard/kenworth_t680.sii’:
    00:00:23.392 : [unit] The pointer to ‘txt.kenworth.test_wrn’ looks like dangling pointer.
    00:00:23.392 : load_unit_tree() – Failed to load unit tree from file (/ui/dashboard/kenworth_t680.sii)
    00:00:23.392 : Failed to load ui script ‘/ui/dashboard/kenworth_t680.sii’

    I’m just loading your mod.
    The Kenworth T680 (game default) dashboard not work (not On while Start the Truck).
    If I press dashboard visualization mode key, I get the CTD…..

  8. GameplayHD2015

    Amazing Truck!

    1080p 60Fps GTX 980 Video:

  9. MonsterMinds

    please fix the Jake Brake !!!

  10. if you look up missing jake ets2 you will find the fix all you need is notepad++ and open the sounds file look for the various engine .scs files that will be cummins cat etc and change two things one from motorbrk to exhaust brk and two the sound file to .eb not .mb heres the link to the fix did it myself jakes work awesome!… my only issue is the mirrors anyonelse having an issue with the mirror being right in line with the exhaust where you cant see your trailer? Like i drive truck in real life and these mirrors are not right please let me know if you notice this if you havent maybe i need to redownload and install mod

  11. GameplayHD2015

    Another Video of this truck with 80 Tons Old Diesel Locomotive:

    1080p 60Fps GTX 980

  12. QuaTTroDeSigN

    I found a bug, when you’re with a default that truck and presses on “i” gambling plant which is a shame

  13. It would be nice if folks took the time to convert these correctly instead of “being first!”

    Jake brakes in the US are King. Get it together people.

  14. can someone help me I downloaded the truck fine and it works great in the game but chrome on the truck appears black for me any solutions?

  15. if you guy’s must know this stuff’s up the original Kenworth if you look at your digital dial it’s black and if you press I game will crash.

  16. truck looks great and drives super just missing one detail, and that is to go to the sleeping area behind the cab to enjoy a rest. just like on the peterbilt 379 and long kenworth w900.
    and it is missing the jake brake
    but the truck it self is well made lots of details handles great. lots of tunning ++++++++ from me keep up the good work

  17. old model from ets2, old chrome textures and really old kriechbaum sound

    1. the chassis texture is not hd and the front lights looks just white

  18. Bug, when you enable this mod and go with a default truck the electronic display is not displayed,and when you presses on “i” you crash the game.

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