Kenworth T880 V.1


Credits: 349HUGO
OveRTRucK (Interior Skins)
RBR-DUK (Alcoa Wheels)
SCS (Base)
After a while I was posting on Facebook the updated version T880 ATS but now, because by the public and decided to mod, not contain bugs, is in perfect condition, the MOD will be updated.
Compatible with all versions of American Truck.
Enjoy !

349hugo, SCS, OveRTRucK


28 thoughts on “Kenworth T880 V.1

  1. Work on OpenGL?

  2. looks interesting ill give it a go thanks for sharing

  3. shlepakula

    there`s a bug when open in dealer truck menue

  4. Is it really error free?

    1. Excuse the inconvenience.

      We are working on a new update.

      Now I leave the new that solves that problem.

  5. James Lyle

    Don’t download replaces T680, stock skins don’t work on hood, only on the cab, only an 8×4 for the daycab, not even the stock 6×4 nope 8×4 only, lift axle doesn’t work and I mean doesn’t have moving wheels and it’s always up and you will most likely have a massive texture/3d model glitch, I was lucky to even get it to show up properly

  6. Quattrophobia

    The amount of disrespect from some of you folks infuriates me. Hugo kindly released models including from scratch animations for 18wos, this was his first time working with ATS please have a little respect for the hard work he has put in. Hugo ignore these downers, keep up the great work If you need help I am converting the model to be standalone if you’d like I can send you it once done

    1. Just for the record, I hate these infantile imbeciles just as much as you do. Never done anything in their live, but shouting out their “expertism” (in idiocy) and self-proclaimed “entitlement” to the world. Get a life, guys! Drink less Vodka.

      About the Ken 880 – I think converting it to standalone would be a welcome and good first step into the right direction. From the screenshots, it does not look too shabby, and I don’t give an eff if it’s 115% correct. However, I won’t “trade in” the stock 680 for it.

    2. Your help is appreciated, we can talk on Facebook, send a message

    3. I appreciate your help, you can send a message via facebook

    4. James Lyle

      Telling you now, I didn’t know who he was when I reviewed it, I reviewed like he had the knowledge of how to mod ATS, and from that perspective it was trash,but now that I know who it was I know he did mean it to be junk and he wants to update and make it good, so I’m sorry to him about what I said.

  7. Intentencion is my share, I do not care if my pc parese a ‘toaster’ or not, I liken the mods I do, open who like and who is not.

  8. its a good model, only need some hard work to make it 100% perfect, keep updating it dude and do it standalone. Cheers!

    1. Thank you! , Yes it has small errors that will update, just is V.1

  9. Thanks I love it!

  10. ugly sh!t, not mod, only for trashcan

    1. i bet your truck mod is a 100 times better right?

    1. I hope you’ll make it standalone with v3.
      I like the looks, but cannot spare the 680.
      Thanks for your efforts!

  11. It’s a good try. certainly better than I can do since I’ve never made a mod before (like most of the rude people around here). Honestly, the mod does need a lot of work, but if you keep up with it, you’ll get there eventually. The first thing would make it standalone.

    1. thanks for your comment, is the first public mod I do for ATS, I will try to do standalone, greetings.

  12. Justadude

    I see there are many comments partly nice partly rude, so let me give my objective feedback without getting tangled up in emotions too much.

    The model itself is pretty well-made, it needs some polishing, for example a bit more detailed tanks and such, but generally it’s in quite a good shape. It could also use some more tuning options, but that’s nothing you can’t add later by updates.

    As far as I can tell it uses the T680’s interior, but that’s OK since the two truck’s interiors are more or less identical IRL.

    Apart from these, I think you’re already aware of the most serious problems (it replaces the T680, and messes up other trucks’ models in the dealer interface).

    Just one (two) more thing, regarding the Alcoa rims: 1. Don’t know if you noticed, but a small bit of the wheel is clipping into the ground, making it seem like you’ve got a flat tyre. 2. Maybe I just wasn’t thorough enough, but couldn’t find the option to mount the Alcoa wheels on the rear axles.

  13. It’s not bad for V1. It could use a bit more tuning and a shorter chassis for the day cab. Otherwise not bad

    1. Aslo it needs more Kriechbaum engines. Like the C15 and 3406E. The Alcoa wheels clip in the ground, and for some reason i don’t have the 3rd pusher axle.

  14. Really nice model at first i was uh oh glitched out cabs but the fix was good, i dont really like the t680 so the fact that it replaces it doesnt bother me BUT it would be a good idea for it to be standalone, and yes shorter chassis for day cab would be perfect, I give it a 7.5/10 I would definitely use this rig looking foward for updates and if you could have kriechbaum sounds on this rig it would be GREAT keep it up hermano dont let the negativity stop you



  16. Socalcoalroller

    How are you supposed to get the lift axel

  17. DemoTruckGame

    Why is red light ?

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