11 thoughts on “Jeep Grand Cherokee Srt8 1.0 For Ats

  1. It’s ATS or ACS? I think you are in the wrong game!!

    1. What’s ACS? This is definitely a mod for ATS

      1. based on context i think ACS is “American CAR Simulator”

        Well i get his comment, why bother having car mods for a truck game.

    2. don’t like it don’t use it

    3. tophe021 if you don’t like the mod don’t use it

    4. It’s also the comments section of atsmods not dickhead dot com. Wrong URL, Tophe

  2. is the mod standalone or does it replace a truck?

  3. el mismo problema del skoda…..no frena

    1. y rebota mucho, el sonido es un poco raro XD

  4. Joshua Peterson

    The only problem with is car mod is that it doesn’t appear in the truck browser at all. So I hope this gets fixed in the next version of this Jeep.

  5. There is malware on the file

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