Kenworth T800 v 1.2

Kenworth-T800-1 Kenworth-T800-2

Kenworth T800 moved from europe on a motherland, saved all possibilities and appeared in a traffic.
– Upgrade the truck for the ATS V1.2.1
– To use the rear view camera must be turned on right mirror
– F2 first click
– Sounds the latest from kriechbaum

Authors: dmitry68, kriechbaum, Stels, oq37, SCS Software

DOWNLOAD 67 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 67 MB [Uploadfiles]

24 thoughts on “Kenworth T800 v 1.2

  1. Ah ha, there’s the truck I know. :) Thanks! I hope all my skins still work I made for it! lol

  2. KontiovaaranJuhani

    Make a video of this truck, please!

  3. It crashes to desktop can u update to 1.3

  4. dmitry68, kriechbaum, Stels, oq37, SCS Software… 2 words. TRUCKIN AWSOME!

  5. It eliminates the right side f2 mirror completely on every truck…. Can you maybe fix that? I don’t know about everyone else, but I like that mirror as opposed to turning the camera while I’m on the highway…. Maybe make removing it an option instead of having no choice? other than that, it works great… Just iritates me that it deletes that mirror option from the game completely

    1. EmilioCrea

      Same problem. Need fix!

  6. thaddius d

    How do you upgrade the t800

  7. Can’t mount air cleaner with main mirrors. Please fix!

    1. kaleb33497

      you cant in ats and you couldnt in ets2 #### it up and use the mirrors that work with it

    2. you cant install the air cleaner with the main mirrors even in real life, the main mirrors are in the air cleaner’s spot search up t800 on google images and see if you can find one with aircleaners AND main mirrors

  8. The paint is to shiny please fix it.

  9. When I turned off the rear camera, and still become a problem; right mirror is not in use – simply gone. How to eliminate?

  10. anyone create western star 6900xd truck mod for ats

  11. From where comes the accessories on the bumper (lights, mudflap ) ?
    Thanks for pointing me where I can dl them.

  12. rearrightmirrorfixplease

  13. thank you love the t800

  14. Will the Peterbilt 387 be updated to?

  15. crash for me when i try to mod it up in the dealer.

    1. Same for me

  16. anula el retrovisor derecho

  17. hi+good+mod+this+is+my+favor+truck+,please+up+to+a+game+version+1.4.2+please+thanks+,good+job

  18. hi very good mod can you up to game version 1.4.2 ,please thanks ,good job

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