Kenworth T600
– Standalone Truck
– Dealer Kenworth
– Interior
– chassis
– Sound

_more trailer.

Tested 1.4 ats version

scs, gianst, franck_peru, and to whom it may concern


42 thoughts on “KENWORTH T600 (NEW)

  1. Great Truck thanks for sharing!

    1. Nathan Hartwig

      what is the password for it?

      1. Peter Royce Clayton III

        Pssst, Nathan! The password is “whatisthepassword” ….Waiting for the petulent child to go try that out….

        1. Nathan Hartwig

          peter won’t you put what your mouth is and stick that truck up your ###

          1. Peter Royce Clayton III

            Great use of the English language there chump. Perhaps you can learn to write properly after you learn how to crack zip files. By the way, do you still #### mommy’s teat with that mouth?
            Anyway, with pushiness like this, if I was this modder, I would tell you to f-off, no more mods. We all get nothing meaning YOU also get nothing, petulant child.

      2. there was no password for me

  2. Nathan Hartwig

    because i need the password

  3. Test Video on my Youtube Channel

    1. Nathan Hartwig

      what’s the password for it

  4. Nathan Hartwig

    what is the password

  5. scania_dragon

    Looks good! Template inside ?

  6. BlackWolf

    ATS Mods: KENWORTH T600 (NEW) (American Truck Simulator)

  7. David A King

    When in shop customizing truck there is no steering wheel. Might want to fix this because it is hard to choose one if you can not see them.

  8. I+agree+with+Nathan+Hartwig,+the+password+would+be+nice,+Myself+and+my+son+do+think+it+is+wrong+to+lock+a+mod+that+does+not+even+work+properly,+or+for+that+matter+even+have+a+working+mod+locked.++A+mod+is+something+that+everyone+should+have+access+to+modify+it+to+there+likings+as+long+as+the+give+due+credit+to+the+person+that+spent+their+hard+earned+time+creating+the+mod.++David+A.+King+is+also+correct+with+no+steering+wheel,++I+found+this+out+with+the+old+version+as+well,+and+had+to+revert+back+to+a+1.3+ver+to+have+it+work+properly.++Hope+to+see+a+updated+unlocked+version+soon,+great++mod,++congrats+to+the+original+makers.

    1. Nathan Hartwig

      thank you demon

  9. Sound mod 1st or sound mod after truck mod, I get no sounds at all …..

  10. Serena

    I cured the no sound issue with selecting the ISX engine in the custom shop. Found if you choose any other engine you lose sound.

    1. and forgot to add that the sound mod should be at a higher priority then the base truck mod….

      Hope that all helps

  11. when in the interior area of the custom shop looking at the dashboard you should see a round clickable area in the center of the steering column. Click that and you should get the choices of what steering wheel you desire.

    Threw me for a loop at first as well……

    1. David A King

      Did that but they do not show up when you click on individual steering wheels to choose one you would be happy with. Bought a truck got out of shop in interior viesw and still no steering wheel.

      1. Nathan Hartwig

        that person need to change it also we need the password for it also

        1. I wish they would quit putting passwords on mods. If you don’t want anyone to change anything on it don’t release it. Some of us like to make our own skins.

          1. Nathan Hartwig

            yes i agree with you redneck bro

          2. The Demon

            I third that motion, I myself i’m not that type of person to steal someone’s hard earned work for myself, if I was to re-upload a mod I for sure would be getting that person permission by first sending a copy to him/her to personally check out that they approve of the changes and than let them decide if they want me too post it or they post it. Mods should be free, and therefore unlocked.

  12. Nathan Hartwig

    who ever made this truck we need the password for it if you don’t give us the password you need to take the truck off the website thank you

    1. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. Made a truck by yourself and stop complaining on other’s people mods. You ######…

      1. Peter Royce Clayton III

        Don’t you just hate these whiny, b1tchy brats? Seriously I don’t know why modders share their work anymore, all they get is grief, not constructive criticism. I stopped modding for the NBA 2k series because everyone wants you to do this and that like I’m their slave. Screw it.

        1. I know, these people is just so freaking ######.

      2. Are you retarded or something? How old are you, 11, 12? C’mon these kids should stay away from a computer, parents plz take care of your little boys they are so annoying.

        1. FreightShaker

          If you scratch made all of this yourself them by all means leave it locked, but if it happens to be one of several t600’s originally made for pttm or haulin then I think it’s a fairly low move to lock it when part of it is someone else’s work. Like I said, benefit of the doubt, but a LOT of people on here use work without crediting so it’s honestly hard to be sure anymore.

  13. Whats goin on here ?
    27 comments most oft nonsense.
    Racist… nerved guys and busybodies.
    Stop bagging !!!
    Shame u

  14. Wiper needs fixing.

    1. Nathan Hartwig

      see i told you the truck is junk that’s why i didn’t download it

      1. Nathan, I had no problem opening the file, use your brain dude

      2. So shut your big gob then.

  15. Don’t work for my :c The textures not load :c help me

  16. Nascar_Perry

    This is also one of the reasons I am taking a break from repaints and modding. Too many people who have absolutely no respect. So great, a mod may have issues. Expected. None of us are perfect and this person seems far from it as well to come off with the vulgar use of language that he is using.

    This is volunteer work for us, we don’t make money, and therefore we spend OUR time, which we could be using to spend with family or friends, or otherwise, to make these mods for others to use. If you have an issue, great, we will respond to constructive criticism. We absolutely will not respond to childish vulgar banter or defamatory remarks to which we do not deserve. If you hate the mod, stop the click bait and move on to something else.

    Once others start to have more respect and can actually thank authors for the effort they put forward, regardless of if some issues are present, then I will look at returning to what I did, but I will be dammed if I will put up with the attitude and behaviour of those who are ungrateful over something they are getting for free.

  17. When I ry to buy it or customize it before I buy it the game crash’s will there be a update on it ??? As I would love to drive it

  18. hmm, very nice truck drives nice, sounds good handles well. I would use this truck often when I need a change. nice!

  19. Dopey thick keyboard warriors. Don`t you just love them. ;-) !

  20. truck works perfect thanks man

  21. gracias

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