Petebilt 352


This is in 3ds and obj format and is for the experienced modder. There an scs file but it needs updated for 1.4v of ATS I have the receipt to prove that I bought this truck from Turbosquid



30 thoughts on “Petebilt 352

  1. Just to let you know mods are support to be free and not being making money off of, I know you are not doing it but what it am saying is this you just got screwed. All in all new looking truck.

      1. SpeedyHaul

        the games from Chzec republic, so ppl over there n russia make paid mods but however it isnt right in the US cause they are more making $ from the image of the manufacturer than the game publisher , but idk how things are over there they might not need permission in those countries, seems like they would need game publisher approval too to do that, but like I said it has more to do w the manufacturer’s image of their products over here, it is technically illegal here… but if you only end up w few bucks noone will care but if an american person made many many thousands or more doing stuff like this they get sued in court by the manufacturers for not licensing !!

  2. Quick update can’t do anything in interior cause it crashes the game, and can’t buy or its crashes as well.

    1. It crashes the game because as he told you it needs to be updated to 1.4. He was very upfront about that.

      1. i know that but sometimes you can get lucky and have a older mod still work with no problem.

        1. Well it looks like you weren’t lucky.
          Still think that’s a good reason to ##### about it?
          Didn’t think so.

          1. truckerthompson

            Yeah, but how ######. Here is a great mod but, you can NOT USE IT! LOL Waste of space.

  3. Lordzub14

    When you walk inside it closes

  4. Peter Nickells


    Troll alert

  5. OK first off I know I was not lucky and second I am not bitching about the mod I was just letting people know the other errors it has to be nice just like other people do thank you end of dicussion

  6. Well I would like to see this truck fixed and available for all who want to use it.

    1. Same here we don’t have many peterblits in the game

  7. His mod is good I understand that it has mistakes hope that another update comes soon I am charmed with this truck thank you

  8. Craig Teague


  9. Thanks for the notice on free mods. As you can see this is a model that I purchased to be a mod in the game. Which was going to be released to the public for free. But it didnt happen the way I was hoping. So I thought I would release it in a raw form and with a scs file that needed updating. Your gamelog will tell you what the issues are.

    Just have fun and repay the favor and reupload so others can enjoy it. who know maybe Ill but another model and hand it out for free

    you can also visit my Steam WS if you like for skin for



  10. Kodiakommander

    Willing to bet this truck is going to end up like the KW K108 and K200…Locked down and have to pay $20++ for it… I’d love to see it finished with some Kriech sound mods.

  11. I was thinking the other day that it would be great to see and older Peterbilt cabover in the game. I hope the modders are able to get this one working. My dad owned and drove one of these for years. Beautiful truck!

  12. SpeedyHaul

    This came from American long haul, it was one of the old trucks avail on it years ago, nice model someone plz get it just to work w 1.4 or it prob has no interior maybe thats why it dont work from inside veiw, thats from what I see on prev comments, if so someone plz make the right interior you can find it on ALH

    1. SpeedyHaul

      just a note sometimes I found out that the actual .zip file you get has different things besides just a .scs file you need to open it w like 7zip and rename the .zip to .scs and then just drop the renamed file in the mod folder thru the file explorer, for they are same format basically gonna take shower and look at the files see if I can figure it out

  13. Thank`s for share the 3d model my friend

    1. SpeedyHaul

      Can you fix it up for ATS 1.4 sir ? , I’m try it on ET2 see what it does there :)

  14. pinga a que dire euuuuu tu pourrais arrêter de faire des mods STP je c’est pas moi , trouve quelque chose a ta hauteur comme par exemple la couture, ou le canevas , la cuisine , oups non pas la cuisine car si tu fait tes sauces comme tes mods je vient pas manger dans ton resto mais arrête le massacre stp tous tes mods sont a chier les camions sont en plastique laisse faire les autres .

  15. It had been better the 362

  16. hey+guys+I+did+a+review+on+this+today+and+yes+the+mod+doesn’t+work+but+maybe+the+older+mod+does+make+it+work+im+not+to+sure+but+all+I+know+is+someone+said+they+had+it+working+im+looking+at+getting+it+to+work+to+see+if+they+are+correct+maybe+there+was+a+file+some+of+us+missed+heres+the+link+from+todays+video+

  17. I started to work on this truck to get it work on latest ATS release

    1. SpeedyHaul

      Thanks cant wait for this be My next truck can you show Me how to make trucks, from American long haul conversions, I really want the round 2 headlight Ford CL9000 Cabover they had mostly international v-8s too I heard, it’ll be needed to make it awesome realistic ! :)

  18. The truck may not work on 1.4 yet but it works great on 1.3

    1. SpeedyHaul

      the update has been posted today for 1.4, yeah I been having random crash probs since 1.4 it didnt work at all first I stayed on 1.3 awhile

  19. It+be+nice+if+someone+would+do+a+H-Series+Cabover+Ford+with+the+sleeper++and+a+late+60’s+early+70’s+Cabover+International+like+they+did+with+the+Cabover+Freightliner+the+Cabover+Mack

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