Kenworth K200 (SMRS Re-Work) v14.x for 1.47.x

SMRS proudly presents Kenworth K200 customized version.

Suitable for ATS v1.47 or higher.
– Kenworth dealership, Kenworth mod dealers;
– Two cabins;
– 3 interiors;
– 5 chassis;
– Eaton Fuller transmissions (third-party transmissions are not supported);
– Engines sounds updated;
– It’s own tuning;
– Paint jobs (template is provided);
– Its own wheels;
– Smoke;
– SCI Steering Wheels DLC included (2020 update);
– ATS DLC Cabin Accessories support;
– SiSL’s Mega Pack v3.x support;
– Advanced Coupling System support;
– Trailer cables support;
– Window animation support;
– Added to Quick Jobs;
– Presented in Trucks Gallery.
– Fixed GPS(for 1.47+)

RTA-Mods, HCC, BSA, Updated for 1.47+ by SMRS(Bananas)


3 thoughts on “Kenworth K200 (SMRS Re-Work) v14.x for 1.47.x

  1. tutomu kimura

    it is stolen mods. Free copies are Lie.

    1. You are an i d i o t, tutomu. How are you not banned yet?

  2. Keeps crashing my game everytime I go into a Garage and try and obtain another gearbox, or, update the engine, I’ve deleted this mod until you repair it.

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