Kamaz 6460 [Tuning] for ATS 1.29.X

– Buy in showroom – Peterbilt.
– Fixed error animation in interior! [NEW]
– Fixed Crashed in Interior! [NEW}
– Fixed Crashed DASHBOARD! [NEW}
– 1 CABIN.
– 1 Interior + fixed crashed.
– 3 Engine + POWER.{UPD}
– 11 Transmissions.
– Advanced tuning.
– To be painted in a metallic.
– Original Wheels by KAMAZ.
– Real sound KAMAZ. {UPD}
– Corrected camera in interior truck
– Fixed physical truck and chassis. {NEW}
– Fixed bugs textures {NEW}
– Added new camera {NEW}
– Corrected tuning {NEW}
– Tank size: 1500 litrov {NEW}
– Added company.
– Added desktop.
– Found some bugs [07/01/2018]
– Fixed shadow under the chassis [07/01/2018]
– Fixed tuning [07/01/2018]
– Changes added to the description [09/01/2018]

– Test on version: []

– Original Author: Koral, Lexan, vovangt4.
– Updates for ETS2: Kamazist_1980.

Koral, Lexan, vovangt4, Kamazist_1980.


5 thoughts on “Kamaz 6460 [Tuning] for ATS 1.29.X

  1. I think he meant v1.29.2.4s :p

  2. Lincolnimp

    would be good if there was a template :)

  3. Lincolnimp

    the template I already have does not fit this mod, that is why I was asking if there was a template so I can skin it please? :)

  4. i cant find it in peterbilt showroom. Mod is activated, but nothing happens. Game version is exactly the same. Have no idea what to do.

  5. Fullo2017

    Forward doest work!!! Steering doesnt work!!! Even W key doestnt work,what is that piece of ####!!??

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