Kamaz 6460 [Tuning] for ATS 1.29.X

Date 2018-01-10 10:45

– Buy in showroom – Peterbilt.
– Fixed error animation in interior! [NEW]
– Fixed Crashed in Interior! [NEW}
– Fixed Crashed DASHBOARD! [NEW}
– 1 CABIN.
– 1 Interior + fixed crashed.
– 3 Engine + POWER.{UPD}
– 11 Transmissions.
– Advanced tuning.
– To be painted in a metallic.
– Original Wheels by KAMAZ.
– Real sound KAMAZ. {UPD}
– Corrected camera in interior truck
– Fixed physical truck and chassis. {NEW}
– Fixed bugs textures {NEW}
– Added new camera {NEW}
– Corrected tuning {NEW}
– Tank size: 1500 litrov {NEW}
– Added company.
– Added desktop.
– Found some bugs [07/01/2018]
– Fixed shadow under the chassis [07/01/2018]
– Fixed tuning [07/01/2018]
– Changes added to the description [09/01/2018]

– Test on version: []

– Original Author: Koral, Lexan, vovangt4.
– Updates for ETS2: Kamazist_1980.

Koral, Lexan, vovangt4, Kamazist_1980.


4 Responses to Kamaz 6460 [Tuning] for ATS 1.29.X

  1. I think he meant v1.29.2.4s :p

  2. Lincolnimp

    would be good if there was a template :)

  3. Lincolnimp

    the template I already have does not fit this mod, that is why I was asking if there was a template so I can skin it please? :)

  4. Ranae

    i cant find it in peterbilt showroom. Mod is activated, but nothing happens. Game version is exactly the same. Have no idea what to do.

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