JNJ Express, Inc. Skin

JNJ-Express-1 JNJ-Express-2 JNJ-Express-3

JNJ Express, Inc., founded in 1992 is an asset based transportation and logistics provider. Headquartered in Memphis, TN, JNJ Express, Inc. is centrally located for all your logistical needs. JNJ has all 48 states authority. We actively solicit 40 states, but can and will make deliveries anywhere in the greater 48 states.

If you require this skin for another truck let me know :)

Author: Fid


3 thoughts on “JNJ Express, Inc. Skin

  1. Another good skin in the book.thanks

  2. Cheers James I have been a bit quiet these last few days as im tied up with making a new site so not many skins coming at the moment :)

  3. I have a request for you when you get your site up running. I downloaded this great w900 not the the stock from the game . and i was wondering if you could make some company skins for it like knight refrigerated, crete, werner,

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