8 thoughts on “Kenworth w900 Hard Truck 18 Wheels Of Steel skin v2 Fixed

  1. Joshua Peterson

    Does this skin work with the Hard Truck Pete 389 “Glutton” skin perfectly with no problems whatsoever?

  2. Joshua Peterson

    If u plan on doing a v3, the yellow and blue could be tad lighter.

  3. Joshua Peterson

    Btw when are you going to make a “Brava” skin for the Freightliner Classic XL and a “Freightway” skin for the Freightliner FLB?

    1. It should work no problem. The colors look a little darker in the pictures but idk the flames are ok in my opinion they look different from the sun.I might try to change the blue to be brighter. The “Freightway” is a kenworth k100 because there isn’t a long Freightliner FLB I would roleplay the FLB to be the Ford CLT since they look a like. I will try to make 1 skin tomorrow but I will see. I like to take my time since things like this happen and I have to make second version.

      1. Joshua Peterson

        Funny, IGCD.net says that the RoadMaster truck is based off of the Freightliner FLB.

        1. Joshua Peterson

          Btw RoadMaster is the Freightliner FLB/Kenworth K100 truck, the FreightWay is the Kenworth W900L.

          1. Joshua Peterson

            That was a fail on my part. I often get RoadMaster and FreightWay mixed up.

  4. Joshua Peterson

    What skin you releasing next?
    Roadmaster skin? Brava Skin? Rusty Skin? Topolino Skin? or the T1000 skin?

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