J.B. Hunt – Freightliner Cascadia


J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. is a trucking and transportation company that was founded by Johnnie Bryan Hunt, and based in the Northwest Arkansas city of Lowell.

Should work (hopefully) on any version of game or Cascadia ….lol



8 thoughts on “J.B. Hunt – Freightliner Cascadia

  1. could you make a schneider national skin for the cascadia

    1. yes chris leave it with me

  2. Now I will get more trailers busy even if I have to Hunt them down in my over-loaded library-hahahahaha. Another great Fidiuss Trucking Pioneer release.

    1. lol james :) there is no more room at the inn mate :) this was a request by a fellow trucker hope he’s happy with it….i lost my specs and had to work blind lol :)

  3. What no more room !!—– Make me a gravel company truck and I can move millions of pounds of Blacktop for new parking lots and then more people will build new cities for all the truckers we are creating even if done in the DARKness of eyesight.But the question is do I have a gravel trailer hauling Blacktop?????. Keep tuned in for further developments from The Great Fidiuss.

  4. RomanianTrucker

    Hi Fidiuss please make a prime inc skin

    1. for the cascadia?

      1. RomanianTrucker


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