18 thoughts on “Freightliner Cascadia Knight Transportation Skin

  1. juan solis

    NIce mod can u make a jb hunt skin to. i will be so happy :D

    1. yes Juan….ill do it today mate!

  2. Thank you, Fid! ;)

    Hint : Put the skin in higher priority than the main truck in order to show up to your paint shop.

    1. no problem Stavros and yeh you are totally correct as to giving the skin higher priority if it does not show up…..so thanks for that mate!

  3. 2004titan

    love the skins and the website. if u could make a millis transfer skin for the t680 that would be great tks

    1. A variation is now down mate hope it will do for now as i did it in between making the dinner,feeding the dog,drinking a coffee,washing the car,communicating with the kids, and listening to Native American Music to help me think lol……..

      1. and the T680 is almost done as well check out my site as it will be on there before here :)

      2. Hey Fidiuss us drivers of Sim USA do all that and more while DRIVING to a delivery site on cruise control hahahahahaha. Another well done skin and I grant you a 10 minute break while you read your replies the back to the keys mate! hahaha

  4. No problem, bro! ;)

  5. Awesome! Do you think you could make a Swift Transportation skin as well? Thanks in advance!

    1. leave it with me mate!

    2. Isaac check https://fidskins.wordpress.com/ your truck will be on there somewhere :)

  6. Hey do you think you could make a CNTL() skin?

    1. CNTL will require more time mate as the template for the cascadia can be tricky with multiple paint jobs, but ill put it on my list ….and you never know someone might crack it before i do but like i said ill add it to the list for you so leave it with me :)

    2. Your truck will be done by wednesday mate so check https://fidskins.wordpress.com/ as it will be on there before here …..

      1. Awesome thanks

  7. could you do one for Jim Palmer? that’d be pretty amazing

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