Interstate 80 improvements 0.1


This map mod adds scenery to the I-80 on the coast to coast map

coast to coast is required

loading order: 1- I-80 improvements
2- coast to coast


6 thoughts on “Interstate 80 improvements 0.1

  1. Steve Hollar

    Excellent! This is what I would like to see more of. Individual highways upgraded. I live in Ohio at the Pennsylvania border. Always hated to see the barren landscape while driving through. This really makes the difference. Great job.

  2. very nice job

  3. Nice work, bigbearlesson. You should make something like this for I-95. I live in Savannah, and it’s a bit boring seeing flat fields throughout I-95 in GA.

  4. doesn’t work.
    crashes during loading.

  5. Prefab needs to be fix after that fabulous mod just need some fixing.

  6. Can you this mod

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