Hornbrook company fix


In Hornbrook, we have only one company where we can delivery cargo, but we can’t get anything from there. So we must back without trailer to the nearest town losing money and time. That mod fix that. Now you can get trailer from this City. Mod tested and working on v.1.5.2. Mod must load after other maps.


DOWNLOAD 1.2 MB [Mirror]

4 thoughts on “Hornbrook company fix

  1. Cool, will test this out. Will it work for reefer trailers to?

  2. Horn Brook

    I made a delivery to Hornbrook today. Had to drive to Redding to get another trailer.

  3. satan19990

    No, only this like on photo.

  4. There could be a way to somehow include a Wal-Mart in Hornbrook would it be possible?

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