International Prostar v 1.1/1 (for 1.2.х)


International Prostar v 1.1/1
– Self-contained;
– Three variants of the cabin;
– Its interior;
– Made on the basis of Kenworth trucks;
– Painted;
– A bit of tuning;
– Buy in the showroom Volvo is San Francisco.

Updated v1.1/1
– Adapting to 1.2

SCS, franck, Dominique, mc40in


10 thoughts on “International Prostar v 1.1/1 (for 1.2.х)

  1. same old #### :(

    1. tuanklnew

      PLease give em more respect. They work to give you a free mod. If you dont like it, just ignore. And if you want next version of this mod become better you can give em more constructive comments.

      1. I agree with your comment, with one objection. To this modder, many people have been giving constructive advise, and helpful tips, with no avail. He has chosen to either ignore them, or is not able to do the work others can in which he should insist help.

        Respectfully for me, I will not download it. It is in my view incomplete, has issues, and at times replaces a truck. We are trying to make more trucks, not replace current ones.

    2. Freddy Jimmink

      Tue and way too small compring to other trucks

  2. Still crappy :(

  3. Thank you! I’ve been using your mod since the first version and will continue to do so. Meanwhile I will look forward to further improvements and updates.

  4. dude what do you mean by “Self-contained”?

  5. i like it ; need to make my fleet of truck better anyway . ty

  6. This guy mc40in has mods from other devs and posts them on here, just ignore him.

  7. I have tried this before and it always crashed my game, BUT, with the 1.2 ver I decided to try it again. I put this in the middle of the pack of other trucks I have and it did not show up [at the Volvo dealer]. I then put this as the first modded truck I have and it did show up as the second truck at the Volvo dealership replacing a Volvo that was there (the Volvo 670), but I find this acceptable as I still have the Volvo 780 available to me.

    The truck itself works and runs fine. Though it is not the best, it’s acceptable but a new dash would be nice. I did find the lack of accessories disturbingly few and I hope to see that corrected in the next iteration. Now, after I tried this as it is I made a few changes that made the truck a lot more stable on the road, especially at higher speeds, I don’t think I can say more then that without causing problems so I’ll just leave at this, the truck runs fine now and is very stable.

    I think if the dash were better, more accessories were added and it was placed in a different slot (last slot?) at the dealer it would be real good. ……. oh ya, the sleeper and driver are all wrong from the external view, that should be fixed also, the driver is like 6 inches above the seat holding a second wheel and the sleeper shows as just a gray wall.

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