Internal Lights

Internal-Lights-1 Internal-Lights-2

This mod add internal lights in SCS default trucks.
Have White, Orange, Red, Green and Blue colors.

I know that the light shines from the wrong place, but truck don’t have available dummys for use it.

Replace Co-Driver plate.

Author: Piva

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DOWNLOAD 178 KB [Uploadfiles]

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4 thoughts on “Internal Lights

  1. I forget t say. Activate of decativate lights by key “O” (becon lights).

  2. Gerd Krüger

    geht die Mod bei allen LKWs und mit welcher Taste funtioniert das Licht

  3. I could’t get this to work for me…maybe a mod conflict but i have so many im not about to sort thru them haha thanks anyway!

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