51 States License plate pack


I bring you all 51 states of america plates for your interior ;)
Placed them all in 1 rar file and each state is 1 scs file so you can pick what ever you like.
Only activate 1 at once :P




10 thoughts on “51 States License plate pack

  1. When I go to download the file from (sharemods) it says no file.

  2. Arthur Vince

    Share mods says (again….) No File if you wanna try to download it.

  3. Zoom on the map is not working properly and the map is 80% invisible? Can you remember what to do about it. Test game v.

    1. Riipperino

      Working on a updated version , some hidden bugs appeared all of sudden.
      Reupload here soon its done , also hookups getting made so you can chose every plate INGAME.


  4. Who am I?

    51 states of america? There is only 50….

  5. Trucker seth

    @Who am I? he is form a nother part of the world they don’t know better all their schools teach them about us how horrible we are XD lol idk If that’s true but yea at least its 51 not like 30 or 40 or something

  6. 51 states? Must have gone to the same school Obama went too. LOL

    1. Christian Olson

      did you use the mod, which one did he add, puerto rico?

  7. Big Danny K


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