Improved Trains v3.4.1 for ATS (v1.37x)


This Mod adding a More realistic American Trains With Realistic Sounds.
based by PIVA Train Mod and Sounds by Drive Safely and TruckerKid.
+ my Exclusive content.

For some locomotives and rail cars add skins with logos of real companies.
Now all freight trains are drived by more locomotives, from 2 to 5 coupled head DMUs and some additional in the mid and the end of the trains.
The length of trains has been changed, passenger: 5-15 cars. freight: 20-60 cars, depending on the number of sections and type of locomotives.
The max speed of freight trains: 90 KM/h. Passengers: 150 KM/h. (NOT MILES/H!)
Added realistic train sounds in new FMOD Sound Bank format.
All passenger trains added a reverse section locomotive.
also increased stopping distance for the all trains.

Changes in version 3.4.1 for ATS (v1.37x):
Files and settings that previously led to incompatibility with Cip traffic density mods were deleted.
for the sake of compatibility, with the loss of realism. so that the trains do not disappear suddenly
when used with the mod from Cip, use the add-on more frequent train density for this mod
(it significantly reduces the traffic density, but ensures the stability of trains)
Add raft of locomotive sections without rail cars, driving to another station or returning helpers,
helpers may now be of a different company and model

Changes in version 3.4 for ATS (v1.37x):
Added realistic Train sounds in new FMOD Sound Bank format.
Division of freight cars into weight loading groups.
Adjusting the mass of the train and engine power to close to reality.

Please place this mod above any Sound Packs and Traffic Density mods in Mod Manager Load Order.


This mod must be placed above any other third party mods that affect the trains, except for my own addons and graphic mods that change the skins or appearance of trains.
I recommend using this mod with mod Realistic Vehicle Lights by Frkn64 (this mod need higher priority than improved trains)
The Mod is not compatible with other Train mods (Except for mods for which compatibility addons exist)!
The mod does not support versions of game older than (1.37x).
For this mod not recommended increase setting “g_traffic” higher than value 1.0 or possible bugs and drawdowns FPS

3D modelling and scripting: SCS, PIVA, AlexeyP, POWE®FULL
Sounds by: SCS, Drive Safely, TruckerKid.
FMOD Sound Bank convertation: POWE®FULL
Skins: SCS, PIVA, Grimes, Eddie Yantz, POWE®FULL
Compilation: POWE®FULL

I am very thankful to all the co-authors for all their work!

Enjoy it and Have Fun!

POWE®FULL™ ,Piva, TruckerKid, Drive Safely


One thought on “Improved Trains v3.4.1 for ATS (v1.37x)

  1. “All passenger trains added a reverse section locomotive.”

    But that’s unrealistic because those trains don’t don’t use another loco in the back. The last coach is actually a railcar that has controls too. Where a train driver sits..

    Also passenger trains don’t have cabooses… And today also freight trains don’t have them

    Do some research first

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