American Truck Simulator Hard Economy Mod

American Truck Simulator Hard-Economy Mod by Saxe
(runs on version 1.36 & 1.37)

This is a “relatively realistic” Economy Mod.
The prices per mile are much lower than in the original game!
It is recommended to start a new game with this mod.

the most important changes:
– getting into debt is easy – but watch out for the daily costs!
(after the first job you can already take out a loan of 500. 000 $)
– the XP value is 25% (employees get 50% XP) – new drivers cost 5000 $
– employees cost 10 $ per delivery and 0,24 $ per driven mile (0,15 $ per km)
(Attention: the profit is very low in the beginning)
– the damage to the truck (tire wear) is slowed down a lot
– already the second truck can be bought online
– Necessary average speed reduced from 38,5 mi/h (62 km/h) to 31 mi/h (50 km/h)
– Punishments:
100 $ car crash
50 $ avoid sleeping
75 $ wrong way
75 $ speeding
25 $ no lights during night
75 $ red lights
100 $ avoid weighing



8 thoughts on “American Truck Simulator Hard Economy Mod

  1. A question what is this mod with the real company logos on the screenshot?
    P.s very nice economy mod greetings : D

  2. thank you :)
    you can find the real company mod mod here

    1. your mod have there in Steam workshop?

      1. no, only on mod pages

      2. Hi Powerfull, this mod will work with Steam version of the game, that is what I use.
        Once you download this mod, copy it to your hard drive “Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod” folder. When you launch the game, choose the Mods option bar under your profile and make sure you move this mod over to the Right Screen and then click the “Apply” button.
        Enjoy :)

  3. Well done Saxe, this mod is what the game needed Most of any mod in the game. I love the game for its driving aspect and realism. Without this mod, it was ridiculous to earn $65000 and more for a single transport job. Businesses would be bankrupt if they paid Freight charges this ridiculous. I truly love this mod and it was well worth starting over Just for this mod alone. Please try to keep it updated with future patches if you can – Thank you for your contribution to making this game Great.

    1. Thank you very much for the praise. Of course I will keep this mod up to date. If a new version of this mod does not work anymore, I will publish the update as soon as possible ;-)

  4. this mod also works in the version 1.38 :)

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