Improved Trains v3.10.3 DEMO for ATS 1.45x

Free Demo version of the paid mod Improved trains 3.10.3 for American Truck Simulator 1.45

Includes all core content but standard length trains and no Multi-Unit locomotives.

incompatible with addons for short and long trains, don't even try


Full version includes:
trains up to 60 cars (up to 120 with addons).
Multi-Units up to 4 sections of locomotives (up to 8 with addons), pusher locomotives (helpers).
EOTD, cabooses, a sea of variety of unique lineup configurations.
different frequency of appearance of different trains and wagons in different states.
addons for compatibility with different mods that may conflict.

Look for the mod's Facebook page:

price just a couple of bucks (pay pal required)

POWE®FULL™ and Modders



18 thoughts on “Improved Trains v3.10.3 DEMO for ATS 1.45x

  1. It means, that i have to pay for every updade? I think, that i will use older free version.

    1. I already answered you in another post, stop repeating like a parrot

  2. And you are using work other modders. And i doubt that they agreed for this.

    1. to all modders who participated in the creation of the mod, the mod is provided free of charge by a private link in closed correspondence

      1. You don’t understand. You are using work other people and use this to make money. This is stealing. Did you ask modders that you can use thier mods to earn money? I doubt.

        1. a regular on a site with merged mods talks about the morality of using other people’s work. bring here the authors who confirm that their work is used in the paid version of the mod and who are against such use. let them speak for themselves.

          1. Speaking typical for thief. There are something like copyrights. Without permission you don’t have right to earn money on free mods. Your credits are too long, and i’m sure you can’t contact with them. But i saw Promods Team. Maybe i will contact with them and ask about this mod?

        2. lol, the silliest thing is that you write all this under a post with a completely free mod free to download, but you didn’t even try to download it, you don’t use it, you just came here to crow. wake up, you screwed up.

          1. It’s demo of paid version you #####. When you will release full version it will be paid.

        3. thanks for spamming under my publications, the presence of a large number of comments usually attracts the attention of potential buyers, and scandals are black PR

          1. It looks like your face don’t lie about who you are. You are thief and have a lack any positive emotions and intelligence. Of course people will read all comments before download. I don’t think that people want give money to thief.

  3. to all modders who participated in the creation of the mod, the mod is provided free of charge by a private link in closed correspondence

  4. Yknow, for a paid mod i expect better textures.

  5. You don’t understand: the work of other modders requires that YOU MUST ask for their agreement before charging for their work (and not wait for them to contact you!), otherwise it’s theft and non-respect of copyright ! Just because you give away a free game in one way or another doesn’t take away the fact that you charge for the rest, it’s not valid either. If you refuse this you are in moral and legal violation!!!

    1. you don’t know what you’re talking about, firstly: after I made the mod paid, I don’t use models from other modding groups in it. all models are made by me personally or ported by me from non-game models for which I have been granted unlimited use licenses. as a result, the paid mod does not contain models or model paths from other modders. sounds. I made my own FMOD bank of sounds. all samples that I attributed to other modders are actually part of the Dovetail games or downloaded by me from open sources that are not related to the gaming industry. skins: all skins I use are redrawn skins from SCS and are copyrighted by SCS. all mod scripts are written by me personally based on game scripts from SCS

  6. Anonymous

    Lol these textures are worse then the base game model, you should be paying ME to put this into my game ha!

    1. yes, this is done to prevent your super mega gaming computer with an expensive video card from starting to make a slideshow of the game. and you did not cry from resentment like a girl

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