Improved Trains 3.8 compatibility addon for Real traffic density by Cip ATS 1.44.a

Required mods:


ATTENTION! When using the Real Traffic Density mod, trains will always appear too close to the player and, as a rule, are suddenly already driving by. This addon only makes compatible mods Improved trains and Real traffic density (eliminates game crash) but does not solve the problem of sudden trains appearance. Since this is contrary to the goals of the author of the Real Traffic Density mod. If you want trains to come from outside, do not use any Real Traffic Density mods, only the Improved Trains mod.
Also, this addon can change the original traffic density of cars and trucks (reduce it) due to the fact that with the original settings of the author of Real Traffic Density, the appearance of trains is completely blocked in most cases. so I changed these settings to be game able to spawn trains (but very close to the player, as the concept of close spawning of traffic is at the heart of the Real Traffic Density mod).

Changes in version 1.44.a:
Updated for compatibility with 1.44

This addon must be placed above the “Real Traffic Density and Ratio by Cip” and “Improved Trains” above than both mods in mod manager!
example load order:
mods that not affect trains
this compatibility addon 1.44.a
real traffic density and ratio by Cip mod 1.44.a
trains addons long or short 1.44.1
update patch 1.44.1
improved trains mod 3.8 for ATS
sound mods
traffic packs
real companies and textures packs




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