Long trains addon (150 railcars up) for mod Improved trains v3.8+ 1.44.1

Long Trains addon, for mod “Improved Trains v3.8+ 1.44.1”


Changes in version 1.44.1
changed for update patch 1.44.1 !!!please use only with this patch version!!!
Found and fixed incompatibilities with the new version of the game.
removed pusher locomotives from the middle of the train
container trains have been moved to a separate class, now container railcars are not mixed with others
ballast wagons have been replaced with closed bulk cargo hoppers
the source files were taken from the archives of the version of the game

General description:
Created for players whose for any reason are not satisfied with short length of the trains in the main mod.
Deleted mostly freight trains shortest than 50 railcars
Add freight trains up to 150 railcars.
up to 10 engine sections for longest trains.
significantly expanded the distance from the player for the disappearance of all vehicles in the game (it is impossible to do this only for trains)
rewritten traffic_rules_spawn.sui file for optimal density in extended distance

Please check before activation:
it is recommended to add this line -mm_max_tmp_buffers_size 1000
to the properties of the game launch in Steam

In game:
addon should only be used with g_traffic 1.0 and g_lod_factor_traffic 1.0 settings
any increase will lead to a drop in game performance.

Place this Addon above the Improved trains mod 3.8 and update patch 1.44.1
but below the compatibility addons.

Please report any changes you have noticed or problems that have arisen that were not present in previous versions of the add-on.
your feedback is very important




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