Improved Train Sounds v 2.3 ATS 1.29.x – 1.32.x

This mod replaces the standard trains sounds in ATS with an improved version that adds an engine, horn*, bell sound*, and rolling stock/rail noise**.
* Currently only the mover type trains have these sounds.
** Currenly only the mover type trains have this sound, it is currently not possible to apply sounds to trailing rollstock, once it is possible, they will be added accordingly.

TruckerKid, SCS Software, DTG


8 thoughts on “Improved Train Sounds v 2.3 ATS 1.29.x – 1.32.x

  1. Nice, original mod! Don’t see to many mods involving trains. It would be nice however, maybe you can sort of make this into an “all in one” train mod by modifying the train length, maybe the cargo on the train and continue to add even more sounds? Would be nice to see this mod progress!

  2. Works nicely – thanks.

  3. Stolen mod!

    Video is 2016 year!

    1. Back the claim up, or shut up.

      1. You may live under the yoke of a dictatorship, but I am still in a country free of expression!
        So, if you do not have enough brain, I advise you to go back to play with your Barbie!

        1. I live in Australia, #####.

          The uploader stated it was an updated version of his original mod, so where are the grounds to accuse him of theft? Would you like it?

          1. Kangaroos are smarter than you then!

            SimulatorMods is not a creator! It’s just someone who re-uploads a lot of stolen files to the authors themselves! If I take your house, pay rent to strangers, and keep the money, what would you say? Would you encourage me to continue? So stop doing mental retardation and think for a minute about the consequences! More and more creators are not broadcasting their mods right here because of thieves you support!

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