Cummins M11 Engine Sound Mod


I have finished my Cummins M11. It has been delayed a bit because it was not easy to find some different revs idle and jake brakes sounds. I have added many details in the sound mod. Hope you like it guys.
It currently works on the two Harven’s trucks, the FLB, the Pet 389 by Viper and the Kenworth K100 edited by Cyrus the Virus.



7 thoughts on “Cummins M11 Engine Sound Mod

  1. Awesome thanks!!! Any other engines for plans?
    Would love some older ones.

    1. Well hello from the double clutchin territory of Texas! onI-20!. Long time and seldom heard from the great sound wizard!! Since the whole world of bumpers and the lack of smokin stacks has been turned on it ears to the internet pavement by SCS !, your sounds are always welcome on my speakers. Nobody can seem to make the sound like the great sound under the hood like you can. The sound for this one is right on the money, love it. Since most all the history of 5 years has gone by the way-side its givin you an open door for a great revival, and a badly needed boost for smooth and very undetectable reoccuring engine sounds. Keep them coming and ya know my address for the old simmin days !

  2. I have that FLB, but no sound when selected M11 engine.

    1. put this mod at the top of listing and make sure you have the correct truck mod since more than one is good for 1.32. I used v2.0 on Aug 28 2018. The one i have not tried is the one for sep 06 2018 by solaris, which might not work. Also make sure no other sound mods are active. I had no problems and now am using it on pete 389.

  3. Well+hello+from+the+double+clutchin+territory+of+Texas!+onI-20!.+Long+time+and+seldom+heard+from+the+great+sound+wizard!!+Since+the+whole+world+of+bumpers+and+the+lack+of+smokin+stacks+has+been+turned+on+it+ears+to+the+internet+pavement+by+SCS+!,+your+sounds+are+always+welcome+on+my+speakers.+Nobody+can+seem+to+make+the+sound+like+the+great+sound+under+the+hood+like+you+can.+The+sound+for+this+one+is+right+on+the+money,+love+it.+Since+most+all+the+history+of+5+years+has+gone+by+the+way-side+its+givin+you+an+open+door+for+a+great+revival,+and+a+badly+needed+boost+for+smooth+and+very+undetectable+reoccuring+engine+sounds.+Keep+them+coming+and+ya+know+my+address+for+the+old+simmin+days+!

    1. talk about a bad shadow release huh. my bad! was meant for Kriechbaum.

  4. This noise reminds me of the Maximum Overdrive truck :D

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