Improved SCS Rain v0.22 [1.45]

Changelog v0.22:

- Some small sound tweaks to fix sound clipping from other mods
- Improved water particles/spray
- Updated description


Do you like SCS raindrops? you might be interested in this mod

This mod is based on the raindrop textures from SCS, but has been improved for a more realistic appearance: the size of the raindrops has been reduced slightly, the number of raindrops has been increased. credits to 'Grimes'.

In the rest of the aspects, a few parameters of the behavior of the raindrops have been modified very slightly, the sounds of rain and thunders have been improved (Sounds from Realistic Rain Mod)

- Compatible with ATS and ETS2 1.44 - 1.45 versions
- Compatible with Sound Fixes Pack by Drive Safely
- Compatible with 'Optional mod' for Convoy Mode
- Works with all trucks and mod maps

Place this mod with higher priority than other mods for sounds, graphics, maps...


SCS, Grimes, Darkcaptain
Thank you with FMOD Tool guides: Robinicus, Drive Safely

Grimes Website:

SCS, Grimes, Darkcaptain



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