I-80/I-580 Interchange in Reno

Interchange-in-Reno-1 Interchange-in-Reno-2

Fix for infamous at-grade intersection on I-80 in Reno. This mod replaces intersection entirely with ‘cloverleaf’ interchange serving I-80 and I-580/US-395.

Version 1.0b:
– Initial beta release, completed and tested on current public beta v1.2.0.2s and DOES NOT work on current stable
This version is still missing proper navigation signs, but this should not be a problem if you rely on in-game GPS instead of signs

Author: rookie31st


6 thoughts on “I-80/I-580 Interchange in Reno

  1. Scs I hope you are seeing this mod. This is the correct way a interchange is supposed to be. I wish this mod was compatible with map pro map!

  2. at last a proper interchange! well done rookie31st……

  3. Come on SCS, steal this mod and put it at more of your terrible intersections, ;-p

    Well done rookie31st.

  4. This is way an Interstate interchange should be. Awesome.

  5. nighthawk

    When I install this I get save a game and it keeps repeating ?

  6. 3 years for SCS to make a miniscule American map and they couldn’t even get the intersections right in that whole time

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